Generoc is a company specialised in process engineering and mechanical engineering and design. We strive to realise new energy, reactive and regenerative energy - utilising the existing potential of energy through designing plants and solutions for our customers.

Hydrocarbons, methane, biogas, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, liquified natural gas, it's all molecules - pressurised, steamed, cooled, circulated, released. It's all in the process and mechanical expertise we implement to enable better solutions for the energy segments.

Our skilled team specialises in aiding existing energy markets through the green transition.

Our team

  • Bjørn Kristian Neumann

    Founder & CEO

    Bjørn Kristian Neumann, Founder & CEO of Generoc, is a dynamic leader who has been instrumental in shaping the organization. With management experience, Bjørn has skillfully guided Generoc through the intricate landscapes of process engineering and mechanical design.

  • Tor Olav Seltveit

    Founder & CTO

    Tor Olav Seltveit, the visionary Founder and CTO at Generoc, is indeed an impressive figure in the world of technology and innovation. His extensive experience, multi-faceted expertise, and passion for demystifying complex technical concepts set him apart as a leader in his field.

  • Ingvild Lindheim Sisjord

    Co founder & Chief Process Engineer

    Ingvild is a highly accomplished engineering professional with a distinguished career focused on process and product engineering. In her current role as Chief Process Engineer, she brings a experience and expertise to the forefront, overseeing and optimizing critical processes within the organization.

  • Atle Matheussen

    Co founder & Senior Piping Engineer

    Atle possesses a seven-year tenure in the Oil and Gas industry, serving as a highly skilled Piping/Layout Lead. Specializing in complex areas including Cryogenic systems, Maritime, Offshore, Fuel systems, LNG Terminals, and Chemical Plants, Atle demonstrates expertise in navigating intricate engineering domains.

  • Glenn Edvardsen

    Partner & Commercial Director

    Glenn is a passionate professional within the marine, ocean, and international business sectors. With a proven ability to lead, coach, and build winning teams, Glenn's expertise extends beyond managing tech-related businesses to include significant experience in Sales & Business Development and Marketing & Communications.

  • Anlaug Grave

    Senior Process Engineer

    With a robust background in offshore processes, Anlaug brings a wealth of experience to the table. From intricate sizing and calculations to the development of sophisticated algorithms and process simulations, she navigates the complexities of process engineering with finesse. Her chemical expertise has also shone brightly through her impactful contributions as a research lead during her university years.