Carbon capture

Generoc has done design for multiple CCS companies and projects. Klemetsrud CCS, the world's first offshore CCS, CCS plant design for 10K and 100K, technical studies for steam reforming tech inclusive CCS, and design partner for undisclosed client developing all new CCS technology based plant.

  • Carbon Capture references

    Klemetsrud,Yinson AGOGO offshore CCS , Rakkestad CCS, H2 supplier with integrated CCS, Design partner for Undisclosed CCS technology and plant supplier.

Our recent carbon capture projects

  • 100K ton CCS plant

    Generoc leads the way in engineering and designing solutions for CCS plant designs for both 10K and 100K capacities

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  • Klemetsrud CCS

    Led engineering management for a major Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project in Norway, specifically at Klemetsrud CCS

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  • CCS offshore

    Lead Process Engineer in a major offshore Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project

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